Optimise Wellness Nutritional Food Plan

Is the environment affecting your wellness?

Discover the answers using our non-invasive German technology and receive your own personalised Optimise Vital Foods Report.  It’s time to unlock your epigenetic potential and achieve optimum wellness!

Epigenetic mapping has the potential to release you from your genetic limitations and opens up new wellness possibilities.

AND….. Save thousands of dollars on wasted supplements with this detailed report

Modern day living has many common influences that can have an impact on and affect your body’s underlying wellness.  These include foods eaten and nutrients absorbed; along with many common environmental influences at home and work.  Collectively, these are known as epigenetics.

Your hair samples are digitally processed and sent via a secure internet connection to our Technology Center in Hamburg, Germany. There, our powerful super-computer systems map the relevancy of your epigenetic information.

Over 800 key indicators are mapped and used to create the charts and tables which make up the complete 90-day Optimize Wellness Nutritional Foods Plan.
This cover’s the key environmental indicators that are responsible for optimum cellular wellness including;

  • System Support Indicators
  • Microbiology
  • Parasites
  • Radiation
  • Chemicals
  • Toxins
  • Antioxidants
  • Amino Acids
  • Vitamins and Minerals
  • Food interactions…… and more

The mind and the body are one entity of union and harmony and together they form the right balance in order to have health.
It is not science fiction, but something that is in our lives every day.
Illness is a warning that the body sends to the mind that something in the spirit is not well. This means that healing is something within our reach.

Most people are worried about diet rather than a comfortable relationship with food. Eating is an act of relationship with food, it is there not to quench gluttony, hunger, but its function is healthy nutrition that leads to the body and spirit the right nutrients for total balance.

If we are careful to seek out and know which foods that help us to fight certain diseases, we become more conscious with our body. Like breathing, or sleeping, eating is an act of the human’s primary instinct, so we must evolve to a better relationship with food.

The master algorithm is the key that opens all the ports and that is able to decipher us effectively, accurately and without errors. In our body this algorithm is the food.
Increasingly, artificial intelligence becomes a vast universe where automatic learning is able to evolve rapidly. For example: today, there are technological resources, based on scientific concepts of evaluation through algorithms (quantum physics) that decipher the biological markers contained in the hair.

The hair, when in contact with the dermis, has living cells, which contain DNA in its nucleus. Its mineral constitution reflects the generality of the organs (bones, muscles, liver, and marrow) among others. The information stored in the macro and micro environment of the body takes 80 days to reach the surface.
When we evaluate a few hair strands through an algorithm marker, we can obtain information that allows us to not only change our habits of life, but also to shape a functional and personalized nutrition focused on our real needs.

This is not science fiction, it’s science, it’s evolution, using a knowledge management resource available to all of us … after all, when we do a search on Wikipedia, we’re using the same information technology.

If we can avoid and prevent diseases, modulate the mistakes that throughout life we have been introducing in this computer that we call “Human Body”, why not use their own resource, their algorithms and introduce frequency shift data, a healthy food?
The Wellbeing of the human cell depends only on us … And in my role as a woman, I can only say … “I like to live”…

So what are you waiting for? Unlock your performance potential now!

wellness-report-sample          Optimise Sport & Fitness            Elite Sport Report

Your 90 day Optimise Wellness  Nutritional food Plan $150.00  Includes;

The report: a comprehensive 28 page report with areas of highest need, prioritised from 1-5.   Recommendations from Lyn, All Information regarding areas of the report that need to be addressed, follow up via email Skype or mobile

To go ahead, simply click Buy Now, then you will be sent an email on how to collect your hair sample and where you should post it to.

Work on a 14 days (10 working day)  turn around.

  • To post your hair sample you will need to pluck (using sterile tweezers) 7- 10 Hairs strands with the root, from the nape of the neck. If your taking hair from the body make sure it’s the middle or if using eyebrows make sure to take some from each side Without touching them,
  • place them in alfoil and fold edges together. Put them and the completed questionnaire     Client Questionnaire into an envelope and post to
    (check address via an email to me)
  • This is seriously one of the MOST useful tools I have been able to offer people in order to improve their health.