Essential Communication

Essential Communication: $99 online delivery

Communication is the key. Learn how to communicate effectively in your life, by understanding how & why you communicate. Whether you are in business or just want to create a more fulfilled life

This course will give you the tools/knowledge to:
  • Realise how your true core values affect how you listen to, and talk to each other
  • Understand how active listening will increase your awareness of and therefor correct your limiting self talk for better results in all areas of your life
  • Find out how to ask better questions of yourself and get your mind working for you instead of against you

The meaning of the communication is the response that you get.

 We constantly use our communication skills to influence people; all therapy, management and education involve influencing and communication skills.

Having the ability to respond effectively to others and to understand and respect their model of the world is crucial to better relationships.

Communication is a loop, what you do influences the other person, and what they do influences you; it cannot be otherwise.

You can take responsibility for your part in the loop.  You already influence others, the only choice is whether to be conscious or unconscious of the effects you create.

You can influence with integrity.  Is the influence you are having in alignment with your values?

As with cars, how they are used and what they are used for depends on the skill and intentions of the person in the driver’s seat.