Destination Success

Destination Success: $99 online delivery

How does more fun more freedom, more health and more wealth sound to you? Do you want to create consistent results in your life? You can in virtually any area of your life

Your Automatic Goal-Achieving System

Human beings seem to be drawn towards clearly imagined goals. They represent the target in a cybernetic system like the ones used in guided missiles.

Most life-goals, such as breathing and other body functions, are ‘pre-wired’.  We constantly achieve the right body temperature and pulse rate.

The system also works for higher level goals that we can consciously ‘input’ to the system, Our senses provide the necessary feedback, constantly monitoring where we are in relation to our goal, and all our physical and mental powers provide the ‘propulsion’ to amend our actions until they exactly mirror the internal goal.

So all we need to focus on is fixing and maintaining a clear goal, customising our brain to do what we could never accomplish consciously.
How to achieve the outcomes you desire in:
  • Work or business
  • In your relationships
  • In your physical body & health
Online Short Courses – Destination success – Topics covered include:
  • Outstanding goal setting
  • Communicating with confidence
  • Decisions based on belief systems and how they control your results.