Health Books & Courses

Health Books and Courses

Wake Up to Wellness: $20 Paperback posted or $9.99 EBook                

By Professional performance Coach and Author, Lyn Collett                                        Find out how hundreds of people who have already read this information and changed their lives

Health is simple, people complicate it, and health is hard to sell, through better information about your choices you can have unlimited health and vitality. Why is it, with all the information we have now; Heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, colon and digestive problems, and many other diseases are getting worse. This life changing book looks at; the way we eat, the way we think, exercise, Manage stress, Toxins, and our environment and how this affects everyone.

Paper back or E Book

Fit N’ Fabulous at 40, 50 and Forever: $9.99 EBook


Lyn’s Motto: Live your life looking and feeling Fantastic at any age

The Questions:

Why am I tried all the time? Why can’t I get the results I want with my body shape and health? What are the real effects of prescription drugs?

How can I start to positively change my life? Take control of your body! Take control of your health! Do it NOW – Make a difference!

Just $9.99 as an E-book

 Life’s Simple You Complicate it. $9.99 E BOOKCover Life's Simple

If you’re confused and frustrated with your life’s direction, or if you’re feeling like you have no control,

unmasking the 4 obstacles that sabotage your efforts will enhance how you think and therefore how you live life. Would you like to?

  • Improve your working life
  • Make the most of all your relationships
  • Discover your very own success mechanism
  • Create abundance in all areas of your life

Life’s Simple is about the simple truth.

The truth for some can be hard to hear, because it might mean change, and most of us resist change.
I believe “we resist others trying to change us”.
What if a simple change meant that your life, health and relationships would improve out of sight literally within weeks?
Just $9.99 EBook

Online Courses 

“Change the way you look at things… and the things you look at change”

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 Essential Communication         Destination Success                        Clinical Nutrition 

               Knowledge Ability Skill Words 3-Way Signs Learning            


You might be asking yourself, “So what are these courses all about?” We can sum up what our Essential Communication and other personal development courses offered are about in ONE word; RESULTS.

If you are looking for better results in any areas of your life, health, fitness, relationships, wealth, our self-education courses are to assist you through the process of taking a look at your current situation and distinguishing the difference between the results you’re experiencing now in relation to the ones you are looking to create. Then, you will be assisted in making the shifts necessary to not only see what’s actually possible for you, but be able to integrate the necessary steps into your life to get the results you are looking for.