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Corporate Special Offer for Wellness reports

If you have a group of 20 or more we are able to offer the Cell Well-being Wellness Reports for only $90. That’s a $60 saving.

Take the guess work out of your health and healing. Find out what needs treating and save thousands of dollars in wasted supplements.
Imagine if you could have it all: health, vitality and no disease? With your own personal program designed just for you

Includes the wellness report of your choice Emailed directly to each person, with a brief outline of what they need to look at. If anyone would like a consultation on their reports it will be an extra $50 for them Normally %70
This report is one of the most useful reports I have come across in 28 years of being involved with Nutrition, Health and Fitness. In a very simply painless analysis, using a few of your hairs, the Wellness Report will give you 9 health/anti-ageing markers that indicate what your body needs to function better, have more energy, and  assist healing.

In a simple to read, plain English, 28 page report, you will receive direct information about your body as read through your hair strands, plus you receive my recommendations for you. It is suggested that you redo the test after 90 days to measure your bodies’ response.

wellness-report-sample           Optimise Sport & Fitness            Elite Sport Report

These are the 9 areas measured and reported on:

  • Vitamin (16 in total) – Mineral Levels (16 in total) – Essential Fatty Acids (omega 3, 6, 9s) –
  •  Anti-oxidant indicators (13 in total) –  Amino Acid indicators (the 23 proteins)
  • Toxic indicators (chemical, radiation and toxicity) – Microbiology, viral and fungal load
  • EMFs and ELF’s (activity from computers, mobile phones and TVs)
  • Food indicators… These are foods you may have been consuming a lot of and now have a small intolerance to, or your digestion of them is not good, so you would need to stop consuming them for your 90 day program.
  • Food additives indicators… You have a lot of E’s in yours. These are additives especially to extend the shelf life of products, so make sure you read the labels and avoid the E’s

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