About Lyn Collett

From Illiterate to Inspiration; a dyslexic high school dropout at 14, who actually taught herself to read properly

Lyn Collett is a Naturopath, an authority and published author in health and fitness who specialises in helping people understand and utilise all healthy options to target their specific needs by using the latest amazing informative Hair analysis and wellness reports

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     About Lyn CollettLife’s simple – You complicate it’  is Lyn’s catch cry;  as a mother, grandmother, partner, business owner, and former competitive body builder, Lyn truly understands the value of fabulous health and peace of mind.

As a key note speaker, her presentations simplify health and fitness and the reasons why we do or do not do certain things to enhance the quality of our experiences.

She stimulates, indeed captivates audiences with her ability to simplify and make communication, health and personal development fun, uncomplicated, and life transforming.

Her personal and professional development talks and courses have helped many people move forward in the areas of Communication, Self-Image, understanding goals, health fitness and their relationship with themselves.

With formal training in Natural Medicine, Exercise Science, Iridology, Biochemistry, Clinical Nutrition, and Pathophysiology a Diploma in Fitness, Nutrition and Counselling, TAE10 Cert IV in Training and Assessment.

Lyn is regarded as the Super Gran of the Health and Fitness Industry and has dedicated over 30 years to studying and understanding the Influential effect of the mind in relation to the body, health, well-being and therefore life.