4 easy steps to a balanced life

A sense of meaning and purpose, in work and activities ????????????????????

Engage in meaningful, creative work. Do things that challenge your creativity and make you feel productive, whether or not you get paid for it—things like gardening, drawing, and writing, playing an instrument, or building something in your shed. Learn or discover new things. Think of it as “intellectual candy.” Try taking an adult education class, join a book club, visit a museum, or learn a new language.

Laugh long and often,

smile all day… even at strangers (well start with friends until you get it right) we have so many sayings. I see them on the internet all the time, so why don’t we just do them? Laughter really is the best medicine; it’s been proven over and over again. If there is nothing to laugh about find something! Buy a joke book, go to a comedy night, and get funny movies to watch.


The ability to build and maintain fulfilling relationships.

Without meaningful relationships we simply don’t exist well; “without you out there, I cannot be me here”. How often do you hear people talking about how bad someone else is? This is a cancer in society and needs to be left out of your vocabulary. To build better relationships with everyone in your life you need to first look at why you judge them? Because we generally judge others by how we judge ourselves. So your judgment is not of the others, but of yourself. Take time to find out why you judge and see what it is in you that you dislike so much and go to Tip #4

Let go of past data…

That person who abused you in some way 25 years ago, forgive them and move on; The parent who didn’t understand you, forgive them as they can only give you what they had at the time. The marriage that broke up and became an awful experience, stop blaming anyone for where you are right now. Forgiveness is the key to being healthier than ever, for it releases the negativity you have been harbouring and as a result releases you from the negative impact on your life. You know the other person is not thinking about what they did to you? So dump that past data sack you’ve been carrying around for so many years, as the weight of it lifts of your shoulders, the weight will also leave your body, in any form it has taken, whether it is disease, body fat, skin problems or anything else , it will be gone as you forgive others you forgive yourself as well.


By Lyn Collett